Keynote 2022

Keynote – Resilience after adversity

Prof. Dr. Anne-Laura van Harmelen

Anne-Laura obtained her PhD in Psychology (Leiden University) in 2013. She continued her research career in the Department of Psychiatry of University of Cambridge. In 2020, she was appointed as a full professor of Brain, Safety and Resilience in Leiden University, where she leads the Social Resilience and Security interdisciplinary research program. Her research focuses on examining risk and resilience among youth exposed to childhood adversity from a psychological, social and neuroscience perspective. Her latest projects include resilience after COVID-19, the role of friendships on resilience, and psychosocial buffering factors of stress response.

In this talk, she will show that resilience is not a stable trait that some people have but others do not, but that resilience refers to a multifaceted dynamic process of adaptation to stress that unfolds over time.

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Child and Adolescent Studies
Utrecht University



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